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Day Before Tomorrow

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Becoming Superwoman

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Feel, Heal, and Enjoy

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The Day The Zebra Lost His Stripes

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Ebony's Purple Scarf

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Blueprint for Success

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Dissertation Coach

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Built To Lead

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Rising Up To Soar

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Thriving Author Q&A

What Was Your Experience With Our Team?

Dr. Roz Gaskins

Author of Set Your Team on Fire: The Three Elements of a Professional Learning Community

"Enrolling in the Book2Bulk coaching program with Shana Danielle has been an absolute game-changer for my business. Shana's program is nothing short of amazing—it's not only equipped me with essential tools for pricing, marketing, and refining my services, but it's also kept me laser-focused on my goals. Through Shana's guidance, I've gained clarity and intentionality in my business, understanding my purpose and serving my clients better than ever before.

This program has truly been transformative, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone ready to take their business to the next level. Thank you, Shana, for your unwavering support and dedication to helping authors succeed."

Troy & Shantel Brooks


Our experience with the programs at ThriveIn Learning Institute exceeded our expectations. Our manuscript had been sitting untouched for nearly two years, but within just two months of collaborating with the institute, our book was already available for pre-orders.

We had the privilege of working with their Senior editor, whose expertise was invaluable. Now we're gearing up for our first speaking engagement and the launch of our podcast. While many organizations claim to work as a team, the staff at ThriveIn truly feels like family.

Stephanie London | You Are

"This team is nothing short of spectacular! I spent a year trying to publish independently, but felt lost and overwhelmed. Working with them was a complete game-changer. In the first 30 days of my pre-order campaign alone, I managed to generate over $5,000.

They illuminated aspects of the publishing process that I was completely oblivious to, providing me with insights that dramatically changed my perspective and approach. Their program is strategically structured to equip authors with the tools to market themselves professionally and effectively."

Leah C. | Works in Progress: Vessels for His Glory

"The training program has an excellent structure, featuring weekly lessons, weekly coaching meetings, and daily support services. The lessons are organized in a manner that addresses bulk sales strategies for authors in every genre. 

The program is structured to guide authors with the necessary tools to market themselves in a professional and effective manner." 

Kiana Pauline

Jamal's Brave Jump

"Shana Danielle and here team are amazing. By the time I reached week 8 of the program, I had successfully scheduled eight calls with various organizations that showed interest in purchasing my book in bulk. As I continued with the program, things only got better. I found myself thoroughly enjoying the process and the environment created by the program.

By week 12, I had secured ten bulk sales of my book. It was a moment of triumph, seeing my hard work pay off in such a tangible way. The program had not only equipped me with the necessary skills to attract potential buyers but also helped me convert these opportunities into actual sales. My journey through the program has been both rewarding and fulfilling. I highly recommend this program."

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Thriving Author Q&A

How Did You Go From Confused to Thousands In 5 Days?

Teachable Moments: Principles for Biblical Womanhood

Jennifer Parks

Thank you! This program has served as a anchor during an unforeseen storm. I am immensely thankful for the support, as I had ZERO knowledge about books. While I can save lives, selling books is QUITE the task. I was unaware of the extensive efforts needed to promote a book - the author page, targeted audience niche, landing page, and so much more.

I gained so many insights about the business, especially from the Wednesday calls. The immediate feedback coupled with the opportunity to contribute to someone else's journey is truly rewarding.

Blueprint for Success: Live Life by Design

Ramona Rodgers

Shana's programs ranks among the best I've ever enrolled in. For authors eager to boost their book sales, Shana and her team comes highly recommended.

They offered me a wealth of insights into the industry, complete with templates, checklists, and scripts. The prompt feedback, along with the chance to positively influence another person's journey, makes for an incredibly fulfilling experience.

Shanine & Shanel Young

Authors of Shanel's World

"This program was a game-changer! It taught me how to market my work effectively and maintain sales beyond the launch. My daughter and I experienced speaking engagements and bulk book sales in multiple states. The templates, step-by-step videos, direct access to Shana Danielle and the coaching team's guidance saved me countless hours. I recommend this program to any author serious about having a business instead of simply a book. "

Jacob G

Jake and the Beanstalk

"Working with Shana and her team has been amazing. I've already had a few bulk sales with schools and doctor offices! There has never been a time when I've felt like I was alone in my journey.

Whenever I questioned myself, I knew I had a support system who truly wanted to see me succeed. This has been an amazing experience, and I know this is just the beginning. If you are reading this, and you are undecided on if you want to move forward, trust me, you shouldn't hesitate. "

Toni Brown

Authors of What Color is Love?

"My experience working with Shana and her team has been nothing short of extraordinary. The community she's built around thriving in authorship is inspiring, filled with enthusiasm and a shared love for bulk sales.

Engaging in negotiations for a bulk sale and coordinating a speaking engagement with a school district has been seamless, thanks to their professionalism. I'm excited about the impact Shana's work will have on young minds and am truly grateful to be part of this amazing journey."

Akilah Trinay

Potty Training Day

"This is what I needed! This opportunity came at the perfect time when I was mentally and physically ready to RISE to the occasion. The mentorship has been invaluable and I appreciate the accountability. I am excited about the future and applying all of my resources and tools. I without a doubt recommend this program to other authors who are ready to shift into making a greater impact!"

Margo Thomas

Help! What I Tell Parents About Preparing Kids For College

"Shana has a wealth of knowledge about selling books in bulk. The templates, video modules, assignments, and weekly coaching meetings are worth every dollar. Working in a group coaching session helps because there are opportunities to share resources and ideas with each other.

I loved the group coaching format because the members of the group often bounce ideas off each other. One person's individual coaching may cause another member to think of a resource to share. It became a collaborative effort and each member got the benefit of differing experiences. I also like the ability to speak with Shana on the one-on-one calls and the pop-in sessions during our regular group coaching meetings. She and Nicole were very knowledgeable and were willing to give away information without holding back. The feedback on my assignments was great. While you're working on these documents, it's easy to begin overthinking things, but having someone to guide you back with the right questions, was valuable."

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Thriving Author Q&A

What Did You Learn After Partnering with Shana Danielle and Her Team?

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