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Real People, Real Results

Nicole Newson

The Day Zebra Lost his Stripes

"I'm the proud author of two remarkable books, with school engagements and bulk sales, thanks to this excellently structured program. The weekly mentor meetings are time-efficient and inclusive, providing necessary guidance and fostering a supportive community. I appreciate Shana's succinct videos that clearly explain assignments. She explains the content in the first video, guides you meticulously through the assignment in the second video, followed by the homework assignment.

I feel motivated rather than overwhelmed by information, and I appreciate how her and her team empower the author for future challenges, not just concentrating on the books. I am grateful for this step-by-step plan to keep the sales rolling beyond the program."

Kiana Pauline

Jamal's Brave Jump

"Shana Danielle and here team are amazing. By the time I reached week 8 of the program, I had successfully scheduled eight calls with various organizations that showed interest in purchasing my book in bulk. As I continued with the program, things only got better. I found myself thoroughly enjoying the process and the environment created by the program.

By week 12, I had secured ten bulk sales of my book. It was a moment of triumph, seeing my hard work pay off in such a tangible way. The program had not only equipped me with the necessary skills to attract potential buyers but also helped me convert these opportunities into actual sales. My journey through the program has been both rewarding and fulfilling. I highly recommend this program."

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